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To personalize your view and to access the sophisticated features of, you may create a unique virtual identity. It's anonymous and takes you only 15 seconds to enter a user identification, a password and a security code. No other informations are mandatory.

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During registration and after you have logged in, pages are encrypted via the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. You can safely ignore warnings concerning the SSL certificate issuer, as we are using a self signed certificate not authorized by an official authority. Nonetheless, this is as secure, as an officially authorized one, as long as it is issued to my maxscape. View the certificate details for more information and add to your trusted sites, if you are being ask by your browser.

If you need personal assistance, you are welcome to contact Max.

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To use the full functionality of, you need to enable Javascript, although it also works without. Ppopup windows should be allowed and your browser should support frames and iframes. So far, is only being tested with firefox on Linux.